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Anniversary Book:
900 Years of St Bartholomew the Great: the History, Art, and Architecture of London’s Oldest Parish Church

Edited by Charlotte Gauthier

This important book presents a comprehensive history of St Bartholomew the Great, the oldest parish church in London.

Launched on 17 November 2022, this beautifully illustrated history – the first to be published in over a century – surveys the art, architecture, and history of St Bartholomew’s from its founding in 1123 to today.

Proceeds from the sale of the book are going towards the constant demands of maintaining this remarkable 900-year-old building. The available from a variety of sources, but some ways of buying the book make a much bigger contribution to this than others, so please either purchase it in person at the bookstall at the church for £45, or buy it online at the St Bartholomew the Great website.