Barts 900 logo – gold with dates


Limited edition signed Pablo Bronstein print –
Staff and Stethoscope

Vital Arts is thrilled to announce a new limited edition print by Pablo Bronstein, commissioned in honour of Barts 900.

Staff and Stethoscope explores the history of medicine, and of Barts itself. The artist draws influence from the magnificent Hogarth Staircase in the hospital’s North Wing, completed in 1737. The work also references a major architectural feature at Barts, the 1701 gatehouse, which was commissioned to commemorate the hospital being spared from dissolution by King Henry VIII. Combining the Rod of Asclepius–the symbol of healing and medicinal arts dating back to ancient Greece–with the contemporary stethoscope, this edition is a salute to the hospital’s outstanding medical staff, both past and present.

As part of his commission for Vital Arts, Pablo Bronstein offered to create a set of ten unique colourways of Staff and Stethoscope, in addition to the standard edition of 30, and these are also available at the Vital Arts website at £500.

Size: 364 x 500mm – unframed and unmounted.

Price: £250.00 for original colours limited edition print, £500 for unique colourways.

How to purchase: Find out more at the Vital Arts website.